Newregion Courses

The Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced courses educate you on truths and awareness on many subjects in the world. The Business Course, gives a strategic format geared to advance into a successful business. The Consciousness Course, keeps the mind focused and in control of life choices and destinations. It also covers how to handle environmental factors. This includes beliefs, chakras, hypnosis, affirmations, child development, epigenetics,  consciousness; and how they connect with the remaindered courses.  The Child Development Course discusses how to control the direction of child development.  It also discusses how and why people are programmed to believe and behave the way they are behaving. 

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Starting at the beginners course, will give you a simplified but worldly understandings of many topics. This will also inform you on truths, and how common habits would need to be adjusted, in order to aim for self reliant success.

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At this level you will get an intermediate understanding from the knowledge that you have acquired from the beginners course. Then utilize them to not only expand your ways of thinking, but also to take action, by applying them to your daily habits.

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At the advanced level you will be able to see things that most people cannot see. You will be able to connect the dots, control the narratives, and effects within yourself, and your surroundings.

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Learn creative tools needed to create, manage, and innovate your company. These creative ideas can elevate your mind to a level of power economics. With this elevation, you can build, strategize, and own your own business.

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Habits support our beliefs and habits consist of our daily activities. Controlling habits allows your daily activities to support the direction you want your life to go. New habits consist of change, a change that fuels fear. This course brings guidance, consciousness, and ambition in order to reduce, break, and or face those fear barriers.


Child Development

Study the knowledge on how we develop interests from the ranges, before birth, throughout child development. You will learn how and why it is important to program your child or children to become geniuses. The use of knowledge will also help you become aware on how and why an issue or issues are happening to you, your child, or children. Learn tools on how to cope, avoid, and or counter issues once you become aware.


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